We value the fruits of the Earth with a nonconformist vision and with daily care. Our choices create masterpieces dedicated to all those who have the sensitivity to understand the pure beauty of Nature.

A unique and personal story in the authentic taste of extra virgin olive oil.

In 1960, when the world was racing towards the city and industrialisation, Angelo Traldi instead chose the serenity and well-being of the countryside and bought the agricultural estate in Vetralla, in the green and lush region of Tuscia.

Today, his daughter Elisabetta Traldi and granddaughter Francesca Boni are the heirs of this vision, where love and respect for the olive tree are experienced with genuine dedication to the beauty of Nature and the creation of unique experiences, capable of involving all the senses.

Traldi EVOlution


The Traldi Farm is established

Making an unconventional choice, Angelo Traldi buys the estate in Vetralla: he achieves his dream of living surrounded by the beauty and well-being of Nature for himself and his family.


La Dolce Vita

Elisabetta Traldi supports her father in running the company and, thanks to her lively, elegant, and creative personality, lays the foundations for important relationships with the Roman market.


The EVOlution is called Francesca

Francesca Boni, Angelo's beloved granddaughter, takes the reins of the company and creates Olio Traldi: the first extra virgin olive oil produced and bottled under the company's brand.


Eximius‬, Elektia‬ ‪& Athos

Traldi Oil enters the market with three extra virgin olive oils, created to give value to the biodiversity of the olive cultivars of Tuscia Viterbese: the highest quality is immediately recognised by numerous national and international awards.


Traldi Agriwellness Resort

The experience of the highest quality of Olio Traldi is enriched by the beauty and well-being of surrounding yourself by the centenary olive grove: after a careful renovation of the ancient peperino farmhouse, the Traldi Agriwellness Resort opens its doors to guests.


Flos Olei Award

Traldi Oil is rewarded with the Flos Olei award, the most important international oil guide: Athos is considered the best intense fruity extra virgin olive oil.


EVO is Art

Francesca and Elisabetta renew the image of Olio Traldi with nonconformist choices: the new artistic and creative labels reflect the masterpiece of Nature contained in the bottle.


EaT Restaurant

The Traldi Agriwellness Resort has a restaurant dedicated to the appreciation of Traldi Oil and good flavours: the experience of EVO oil directly from the producer becomes even more unique and unforgettable.

With our choices we create authentic and unique masterpieces of high sensory quality.

The farm covers 150 hectares on the gentle and green hills of Vetralla. The magnificent olive grove of 5,550 plants harvests the typical cultivars of central Italy, among which the Caninese, a native variety of Tuscia, stands out. To produce more delicate oils, the olive grove has recently been expanded with 1,200 plants of other cultivars from southern Italy. Arable fields alternate with the orchard, which bears fruit in every season: pears, apples, cherries, medlars, pomegranate, hazelnuts, persimmons, plums, peaches, figs, apricots, almonds and nuts.

The exceptional sensory profile of Olio Traldi is the result of constant study and care. Each olive tree is monitored to identify the beginning of ripening, in which the olives are harvested in the early hours of the morning with fast and delicate machinery, which defoliates them already in the field, limiting unpleasant fermentation processes. They are taken to the mill within 4 hours of harvest and milled at a controlled temperature without oxygen, to minimise oxidative processes. The oil is stored in ozone-saturated containers and bottled only at the time of ordering.

Our resort surrounded by the olive groves

Staying at our Traldi Agriwellness Resort means finding yourself surrounded by taste, beauty and well-being, thanks to personalised services to nourish the body, mind and soul.